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Some pages are updated (more or less) frequently. Here are the dates of the last changes to these pages:

*Events: 5/26/2014
*Rock'n'Roll on TV: 5/26/2014
*Rock'n'Roll, Boogie-Woogie und Dance-Links: 5/26/2014


A new page with the Finals-music of the A- and B-Class couples is added to this site, inspired by and in cooperation with Falk Bothe.
"Tanzen im Fernsehen" (Dancing on TV) is now available as a newsletter. You will find a form for subscription under Service.
The German Championships RockīnīRoll 2001 took place in Münster. First impressions and the results of the finals are online! (only in german).
It took a long time, but now you can subscribe for the Newsletter for RockīnīRoll Dance and Acrobatics directly from this site. Important information: sorry, but the newsletter is only available in german!
"RockīnīRoll in Germany" move to a own domain.
Helmuth Roth was at the World Masters RockīnīRoll in Munich and wrote a report with many pictures for "RockīnīRoll in Germany".
Two photos of Eva Gretenkord and Walter Moises where missing in the report about the German Championships Lindy Hop held in Mannheim on September, 2nd 2000. They are online now, and can be found in the Who Is Who, too.
World Masters in Riesa, Germany. A report with pictures taken by Helmut Roth.
A report about the German Masters Festival in Rotenburg/Fulda.
World Championships in Mannheim, Germany. There is a new report and new pictures in the "Who Is Who".
A new page made it's way into the Web: Dancesport accessories - music, tricots, sportswear - on this page you will find manufacturers and sellers.
Coming soon: our impressions from the European Championships in Bremen.
Oliver Klöver ( joins the team to ensure that the event-table is up-to-date, especially in respect to Breitensport (hobby).
The first pictures taken at the World Championship are online! To be seen in the report and in the "Who Is Who".
We made a journey to Berlin. A report about the World Championship 1998. Results, impressions and soon there will be photos.
New jear, new outfit - all pages have been redesigned, and the links now have a page on their own.
Seven new pictures were added to the report about the WC 1997. Some of them are also contained in the Who is Who.
The first photos from the WC are available! The report about the WC and the Who is Who have been revised.
We were at the World Championships 1997 in Groningen, Netherlands. A report containig the results and our impressions.
New photos from the European Championships in Castellon, Spain, taken by Pablo Varela, are now available in the "Who is Who".
New Entries and more than 30 new photos taken at the World Championship 1996 in Karlsruhe, Germany, are added to the "Who is Who".
These pages are going online.

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